Bump Up The Intensity With Double Chair Drill

This competitive drill forces shooters to sprint and move after every shot, grab the ball, gain composure and take a good shot for 2 straight minutes.

Once again, you want intensity in players’ offseason workouts. It’s great to have players head to the gym or playground and shoot, but having specific games to play increases the value of those workouts. 

Place a chair between the elbow and 3-point line on each side of the floor (if chairs are not available, either use cones or be sure the players know where the shooting spots are). Place a ball on each chair. The shooter choose on which side to start.

The shooter grabs the first ball, which means the rebounder starts the clock [diagram 1].

The shooter shoots, then races to the other chair to grab the next ball. The rebounder fetches the first shot and runs it back to the first chair as fast as possible. The ball must be placed on the chair (or the ground if no chair) so it doesn’t roll away [diagram 2].

The drill continues with the shooter shooting from the second chair, then racing back to the first, and so on [diagram 3]. 

The rebounder must track down the rebound and sprint to the open chair. This person owes it to the shooter to move quickly, so the shooter gets as many shots in the two minutes as possible. The winner of the drill is the player who makes the most shots in two minutes. Players also can compete against themselves and try to get a better personal score each time.

    1. The shooter picks which side he or she wants to start — start the clock as soon as the shooter grabs the ball
    2. The other side of the floor already is set for the start with a ball on a chair

    3. Take the initial shot then sprint to the other side as the shooter wants to get off as many good shots as possible in two minutes

    4. The rebounder’s responsibilities include tracking down the rebounds and sprinting the ball to the open chair so the shooter’s rhythm isn’t disrupted
    5. The shooter continues sprinting from chair to chair and in the final seconds, the shooter really is exhausted but must focus to get good shots to the rim

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