Be The Fastest To 10

This shooting drills doubles as a conditioner as players constantly are sprinting, catching, shooting mid-range jumpers … then sprinting again.


This is a simple yet competitive shooting drill to get your players focused on their form and stroke even as they become tired and winded.


This either can be a partner drill or have a coach stationed under the hoop as the rebounder. The shooter starts near the sideline on one of the wings. Have the coach or partner keep time. Start the clock on the first movement.


The shooter sprints to the near elbow (the clock starts on the first movement). The rebounder makes a pass to the shooter and hits him or her in the perfect spot for a catch-and-shoot opportunity [1]. Catch the ball, take the shot, then sprint to the opposite sideline and double back toward that side’s elbow. The rebounder gathers the ball after the first shot and prepares to make the next pass [2]. Keep shooting and racing to the opposite sideline, then back to that side’s elbow until 10 shots are made [3]. 


1. Your players are shooting elbow jumpers in this version of the drill but you always can adjust to shorter shots closer to the baseline or even longer 3-pointers


2. Have the player run hard to the opposite sideline — no walking or jogging — if they don’t listen to directions, take a point away from their made shots or have them start over
3. Focus on form on each of these shots and offer words of encouragement to help players (especially those who miss a few in a row)


4. Make sure these passes are on target and in a place where the shooter can catch and shoot quickly as valuable seconds tick off if the ball is dropped or hits the ground
5. The shooter is going to get tired racing back and forth to the sidelines — again, form is critical


If you’re coaching younger players, you may want to start with five makes to end the drill or adjust the number according to your players’ skill sets. If the shooter starts losing form as the drill wears on, be sure to offer some encouraging words. Keep track of who completes the drill the fastest. Reward the winner and see who is the fastest for the season.

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