‘4-Shot Drill’ Hits All Areas

Convert an in-close curl, 3-pointer, mid-range jumper and attacking layup in this fast-paced drill to work on shooting from several areas of the floor.


Don’t limit your shooters to focusing just on 3-pointers or staying too close to the hoop, this drill gets them looks from all over the floor while also pushing them to hustle and score on the move just like in a game.


Partner up. The shooter starts under the rim with the partner near the top of the key with a ball. Use as many hoops as you have in the gym to maximize your time and get everyone shots. 


The shooter curls from the baseline into the lane and receives a pass. The shooter takes the in-close shot, then sprints to the mid-court line before coming back toward the 3-point line [1]. The partner gathers the ball and passes to the shooter as he or she steps into a 3-point shot. After taking the shot, the shooter now sprints to the sideline, then cuts inside the arc [2]. The partner makes the pass for a mid-range jumper. The shooter takes the shot, sprints back to mid-court, then hustles toward the hoop to receive a pass on the move for an attacking layup [3].


1. A third player can be used in this drill to be the rebounder so the passer isn’t scrambling after every shot, but you simply can force the passer to hustle after loose balls if you prefer to run the drill with just two people
2. Be sure the shooter is sprinting to the line — not jogging and not stopping short of the line — require players to give maximum effort and follow the rules of the drill


3. Cut inside the arc to set up a mid-range jumper — you want want this to be about a 15- to 17-footer


4. The passer focuses on hitting the shooting in stride and not making the shooter wait to take the shot as this should be a quick-moving drill
5. Sprint hard to the hoop, catch and score, possibly without having to put the ball on the floor if the pass is in the right spot


You can add a third person to the drill to serve as the rebounder if that makes it easier. The rebounder then passes to the partner at the top, who passes to the shooter at each of the four areas. Or, the partner simply must hustle after all rebounds.

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