‘30-Second Post’ Gets Constant Reps

The post player keeps moving from one side of the rim to the other, completing in-close moves and scoring at the rim to sharpen forwards’ shooting skills.


Get your forwards and centers a lot of chances to score at the rim while also tracking down loose balls to better simulate what happens in a game with this drill. We typically have so many shooting drills for guards on the perimeter where they take many shots in rapid succession, so let’s do the same for our post players.


Have players grab a partner and two basketballs. Place a basketball on the ground outside the lane on both sides of the hoop. The shooter is in the lane. The partner is under the hoop. Put 30 seconds on the clock.


The shooter sprints to one of the balls at the coach’s signal that the clock is starting. The player picks up the ball and makes a post move [A]. 5 scores the basket with the left hand (use the hand of the side of the hoop the player is on). 5 then runs to the other ball and picks it up. 4 comes onto the floor to gather the ball that has just been shot [B]. 5 picks up the other ball, makes a post move and scores again. 4 places the first ball on the ground outside the lane, then gets ready to do it again with the next ball [C].


1. As the clock starts, the player in the lane sprints to one of the balls on the ground, grabs it and executes a post move


2. Once the ball leaves 5’s hands for the layup, 4 comes onto the court to get the ball and place it back outside the lane on that side of the floor
3. After completing the first layup, 5 sprints to pick up the ball on the other side of the floor to do the same thing


4. 4 puts the ball on the ground (try to put it in a slightly different place than it was originally), then sprints back to get the next ball
5. 5 keeps making post moves and scoring, trying to make as many layups as possible in 30 seconds


If you want to make the drill competitive, see who makes the most layups in the 30 seconds. But, do not allow players to make a half-post move rather than the full thing to save on time.

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