2-player competitive drill

From Taylor Jannsen, player development coach in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Each player makes 75 shots total from 5 different spots in this drill – the competition portion comes down to who does it first!

Why use it

In the offseason, you want players taking a lot of game-like shots. This drill ensures each player makes 75 shots.

Set up

This is a partner drill, so there is one shooter and one rebounder. Players switch after the shooter completes the progression.

2-player competitive drill

How to play

The shooter starts from either baseline and begins by taking shots from 10 to 12 feet from the hoop. After making five from that distance, the shooter moves back from 15 to 17 feet. After making five from there, then the shooter moves back to 3-point range. Make five from there, move to the wing area and start again [1]. The drill continues and the player must make five from each spot again – 10 to 12 feet, 15 to 17 feet and 3-point land. The next area from which to shoot is the middle of the floor [2]. Finish the progression making five from each middle-of-the-floor spot, then shift to the other wing and finish with making five each from the three spots on the other baseline [3].


Be sure the rebounder knows his or her job is to hustle after rebounds and provide good outlet passes. You want the shooter to catch and shoot in rhythm. Each player will make 75 shots. The player who does it in the shortest amount of time (or shots) wins.

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