1v1 "baseball" shooting drill to pump up competitiveness

Incorporating a 9-inning concept, the "Baseball Shooting Drill" ramps up the competitiveness and rewards consistency.

2 reasons to use this drill

  1. Arm your players with several shooting games/drills they can do with just a partner or two during the offseason.
  2. This drill gets a lot of shots for a pair of players.

Setting up this 1v1 is easy

  • Designate nine shooting spots (one for each inning) around the perimeter.
  • If you are giving this drill to younger players, you may want to encourage them to shoot 15-footers.

How to play

  • The shooter starts from the first spot.
  • He/she shoots from the same spot until three shots are missed (missed shots are "outs" so three per inning just like in baseball).
  • Each made basket is counted as a "run" [1].
  • The goal is to score as many "runs" as possible, so the shooter works on setting and taking good shots.
  • Hurried shots are going to miss more often [2].
  • Continue the progression through all nine "innings" (locations on the floor), which ensures manyshots are taken [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this drill

1v1 "baseball" shooting drill to pump up competitiveness

Get the technique right to perform this 1v1 competitive drill effectively

  • For a shorter game, players complete five innings rather than nine.
  • Regardless of length, the player with the most "runs" wins.
  • It’s great to have a winner and a loser in these partner drills so players keep their competitive edge in the offseason.
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