Shoot Until You Miss

It’s a simple 1-on-1 outside-shooting battle with players shooting until they miss with the first to 20 points winning.


Competitions always increase players’ focus and determination. This one rewards players who consistently knock down shots as they continue to shoot until they miss as the opponent simply has to rebound.


Place two players at each hoop. These players are competing 1-on-1 in a shooting competition.


The player on the perimeter with the ball takes the first shot. The player must then move to a different spot on the floor (outside 15 feet) [1]. Make the shot and the opponent must rebound and throw a solid outlet pass. The shooter then catches and shoots again. If the shot is off the mark, the opponent then relocates to the perimeter and readies to shoot [2]. The player who missed chases down the loose ball and passes out to the partner who takes a shot and relocates [3].



No shooting from the same spot twice in a row. Outside the-arc shots are worth 2 points. A shot inside the arc is worth 1 point, but players must take 15-foot shots or deeper. Once a player reaches 20 points, he or she validates the victory with a made free throw. Loser does pushups.

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