Run Break Off Free Throw

When your team needs a 3-pointer in a short amount of time and is going the length of the floor off a made free throw, run these simple — yet effective — movements

Stretch a pressing defines by spacing out and pushing forward to attack rather than play into the opponent’s hands.

Only place three players on the lane. The high player is responsible for the shooter. Place another person near mid-court on the side of the high lane player. The final person is near the hoop at the opposite end.

On the release, the two post players box out while the high lane player boxes out the shooter [1]. When the ball goes through the hoop, the strong-side post player grabs it and runs the baseline toward the initial weak side. The high lane player continues through the lane and to the opposite wing. The weak-side post starts running down the floor [2]. The pass is made to the wing. The far-end player then runs to the corner on the ball side. The player near mid court finds an opening on the opposite side. The ball handler looks first to the corner then to the opposite side [3].


A third option is to hit the high lane player streaking up the middle of the court if he or she is in space and has enough time to take a couple dribbles setting up a top-of-the-key 3-pointer.

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