‘Triple Rebounding’ Teaches Toughness

There is no time to rest … only time to react as rebounders constantly are coming and going in this fast-paced drill in which players need to grab the board and score


Rebounding is not for the faint of heart. While anyone can rebound, it takes special players who are committed to winning the wars in the paint and emerging with the point (and hopefully with some points if on the offensive end). This drill shows players how tough they need to be to succeed in this area of the game.


Divide your squad into three even teams (as shown by the green, blue and white jerseys in the diagrams). If you can’t divide into three even teams, then some players will need to go twice. Each team is positioned around the lane with one player from each team in the lane. You (or an assistant) has a ball outside of the lane.


You take a shot and aim to miss it to create a rebounding opportunity. On the shot, all three players in the lane need to start boxing out and trying to gain position based on the bounce of the ball [A]. The person who rebounds the ball now must try to score against two defenders. If the player scores (as shown my the white-jersey player), then that person runs outside the lane and a teammate immediately jumps into play [B]. Players fight for the ball, even when it goes through the net, and continue to do so until one team clears all its players of the drills (by grabbing rebounds and scoring) [C].


1. One player from each team is in the lane and the other teammates are spread alone the lane lines — if the ball bounces away from the three battling, the players outside the lane tap it back into play
2. You take a shot and intentionally miss — try to move around and create different rebounding angles so you aren’t giving an advantage to one team


3. Once a person grabs a rebound and scores, that player sprints out of the lane and assumes a spot on the lane line


4. The other two players who didn’t score continue to fight for the rebound and do not wait for the next player to enter the fray
5. The player entering the drill comes in quickly because waiting simply means someone else is grabbing the ball and scoring against not as much resistance


Encourage physical play but discourage fouling. If a player fouls another, then the fouling player must score twice before leaving the drill.

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