Post player skill development session

Run multiple cutters to the same general area, which provides you an offensive advantage and makes match-up zones struggle in their quest to defend you.

Why use this shooting drill

  • Today’s post players need to be adept at coming high into sets, handling the ball and passing to teammates. This drill covers those basics and adds in a mid-range jump shot as well.

Set up

  • Have a couple coaches (or team managers) with balls on the left side of the floor.
  • One post player starts near the hoop while the other is located at the left elbow.

How to play

  • The elbow player moves low and sets a screen for the player near the hoop.
  • The player runs off the screen and comes high into the set, then receives a pass from the nearest coach [1].
  • After setting the screen, the screener posts up.
  • On the pass catch, the new ballhandler throws a pass to the post-up player [2].
  • The post-up player catches the ball, turns and scores.
  • The passer receives a pass from the other coach.
  • On the catch, the player shoots the mid-range jumper [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this drill

Post-player-skill-development session

How to perfect the technique for this shooting drill

  • It’s great to add in the extra jump shot into this drill so both players are working on multiple skills in this drill.
  • Extra shooting reps never hurt anyone.
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