Post drill: Ball Screen, Roll & Receive High-Low Pass

Run multiple cutters to the same general area, which provides you an offensive advantage and makes match-up zones struggle in their quest to defend you.

Why use this post drill

  • Get your post players used to coming toward the perimeter, then move back toward the hoop in creating high-percentage scoring chances.
  • Both players also get a shot during each repetition, which accelerates shooting improvement.

Set up

  • You have a ball on the right wing.
  • Place a post player on the ball side and one on the weak-side block.
  • A second coach (or manager) has a ball on the opposite wing.

How to play

  • Dribble left and have the ball-side post come high to set a ball screen.
  • The opposite post relocates to the middle of the free-throw area [1].
  • The ball screener rolls to the hoop as you passto the post player at the free-throw line [2].
  • The new ball handler throws a perfectpass leading the roller toward the hoop.
  • The roller catches and scores at the rim.
  • The passer then turns and receives a pass from the other coach.
  • The passer takes the jump shot so both players get a shot [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this post drill

Post drill: Ball Screen, Roll & Receive High-Low Pass

How to perfect the technique for this post drill

  • The pass to the roller should be high and hit the player in stride.
  • The roller provides a high target so this pass can go over the top of the defense.
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