Players ‘Scramble’ & Focus On Fundamentals

The pressure is on as players must make accurate passes, secure their catches, sprint to the next spot and eventually score at the rim without the ball touching the ground.

The Scramble Drill shows your players why delivering the ball to the receiver is so critical and the role hustle plays in scoring. 

Set up three lines along the baseline. The players in the right line have basketballs. Place a cone near the two hashmarks with three cones spaced out along the mid-court stripe.

The player with the ball passes to his or her right, then sprints to the cone at the opposite hashmark. On the catch, the receiver sweeps the ball low, then fires a pass to his or her left. The receiver who just passed goes from the middle of the floor to the cone on the left side near mid-court [diagram 1].

The drill continues with the new ball handler passing to the person who started with the ball, who now is at the hashmark. On that pass, the passer runs to the middle cone at mid-court. The passing continues now to the baseline and across [diagram 2].

The ball eventually is passed station to station and the player at the middle cone sprints toward the hoop, receives a pass and scores at the rim as the second-to-last passer trails [diagram 3]. 

Players must sprint to their assigned next station or they won’t be in position to catch the subsequent pass. Set a number of layups to complete in a row before the drill ends. Go back to zero if players aren’t hustling or talking.

    1. Catch the pass and sweep the ball low before firing a quick pass to the next person
    2. Everyone sprints when it comes time to move to the next station —if a player isn’t in position to catch the next pass, the drill starts again

    3. This is one of the longest sprints of the drill so this player must go all out or feel the wrath of their teammates

    4. Hustle toward the hoop and catch a leading pass to score without needing to put the ball on the floor
    5. This player trails the layup and grabs the ball out of the net

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