Work Passing, Pivoting & Closing Out

From Troy Culley, head coach of the Myerscough College Division 3 team, UK


‘Paired Passing’ uses simple actions to work a multitude of game skills within a drill you can use every day to hammer home their importance


Why use it


Not every drill needs to utilize the entire floor, run the gamut of actions and have multiple steps.


The drill on this page takes up minimal space, has just a few movements but still works on many of the skills necessary to have success on game days.


Set up


Pair up players with each pair having one ball. The player with the ball is standing in front of the other. Use the lane width as the distance needed to cover in this drill

Work Passing, Pivoting & Closing Out

How to play


1 takes two speed dribbles forward then makes a jump stop.


1 has the choice of four pivots — front or reverse and on either foot.


After the pivot, use a cross step or an open step to create separation [1].


Now, 1 makes a pass to 2.


1 has four passing options with a single-hand chest pass with right or left hand, or a single-hand bounce pass with right or left hand.


After making the pass, 1 closes out on 2 [2].


1 plays defense on 2.


On the catch, 2 pivots for two seconds, then rips through and speed dribbles across the lane to repeat the drill [3].




Have the defender count out the two seconds (“One! Two!”) as the pass receiver pivots.

Keep the actions moving over and over for a set amount of time. Be sure players continue to work hard and hustle as the drill wears on

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