‘Trap Drill’ Forces Fast Decisions

Prepare your players for the chaos and frustration of facing a double team by having them execute smart passes, which lead to fast breaks.


Double teams frustrate ball handlers. Give them the confidence to break them by drilling the importance of smart decision making.


One offensive player with a ball is at one end of the floor. There are two defenders close. At the other end of the court are two offensive players spaced on opposite sides with a defender between them.


The ball handler dribbles toward the two defenders, who attack and trap. The opposite- side offensive players starts sprinting up the floor. The single defender chooses which wing to guard [1]. Spying the opposite defender, the ball handler fires a pass to the uncovered wing [2]. On the catch, the new ball handler dribbles fast into the front court. The single defender retreats as the other wing moves into the front court for a 2-on-1 break. The trapping defenders spread out and prepare for the return trip, when they turn into offensive wing players [3].



The single defender must pick a side to guard as soon as the two wings sprint up the court. The ball handler wastes no time in passing to the open player or risks having the trap eliminate all passing lanes.

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