‘Skip Pass Zone’ Moves Ball To Corner

From Rory Hamilton, head girls coach at Norman North High in Oklahoma


This drill works on skip passes, dribble penetration, kick-out passes, drawing defenders as you attack and culminating in an open corner 3-pointer when all defenders are occupied.


Why use it


Players must get used to moving the ball via the pass and dribble to create opening in the defense. The also must learn patience as the first movement magically isn’t going to net an open look.


Set up


There are four offensive and four defensive players on the floor to start. Place extra players behind the offensive player in the right corner.

‘Skip Pass Zone’ Moves Ball To Corner

How to play


1 skips a pass across to 4.


4 then skips one to the opposite-slot area occupied by 2.


2 passes across to 3 in the left slot.

Defenders moves to cover each pass [1].


On the pass back to the original corner, have 1 drive to the inside shoulders of the zone defenders, then kick a pass to 2 [2].


2 rips and drives the inside shoulders again, then pitches out to 3 (the other slot).


3 rips and uses a vacuum dribble to get into the paint, then passes to the wing player (4) sliding to the corner for an open 3-pointer [3].




The shooter get his or her own rebound and all players follow their passes. 5 now continues the drill. The drill continues for a certain length of time or a certain number of shots are made.

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