Passing drills

These basketball passing drills give you a huge selection of activities to choose from to improve your team’s passing. From basics like how to throw the ball and how to catch it through to more advanced training sessions on passing patterns and quickness, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a basketball drill to run at practice tonight or planning your practices for the rest of the season you’ll find everything you need right here at Basketball Coach Weekly.

Deny Drill – Basketball Defense

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The defender has a singular mindset… stop the pass being made to the wing at all costs by overplaying and denying WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL Defenders need to understand the movements and hustle required to deny an entry pass, thereby throwing the offense off its rhythm. SET UP Station yourself at the top of the key with a ball.... MORE

1-5 Post Passing

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Most post defenders don’t run the court well in transition. If your offensive posts understand this and exploit it, then easy baskets are sure to come WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL When post players run the length of the floor on offense, they are rewarded. Drive this point home through repetition and having posts used to sprinting on offense. This... MORE

Thumb Out

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Utilize a trailing post player as a passer and screener to lead to an in-close scoring opportunity the defense isn’t expecting WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY While a trailing post player keeps one of your bigs away from the hoop, it also removes a larger defender from under the basket as well. If you have... MORE

Michigan State

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A handoff pass and plenty of off-the-ball action opens multiple scoring opportunities to keep defenses at bay WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING PLAY The 1-4 High opens the half of the court closest to the basket for attack. This play sends multiple players toward the basket in an effort to score an easy bucket. SET... MORE

Box 4

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Use this basketball drill to get the ball to your best post player on the block – whether directly from the wing or via a high-low pass after multiple screens WHY USE THIS OFFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAY This is a simple, yet effective set designed to free a player in the low-post area. Go with this... MORE

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