Passing drills

These basketball passing drills give you a huge selection of activities to choose from to improve your team’s passing. From basics like how to throw the ball and how to catch it through to more advanced training sessions on passing patterns and quickness, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a basketball drill to run at practice tonight or planning your practices for the rest of the season you’ll find everything you need right here at Basketball Coach Weekly.

Wildcat Backdoor

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Flood the left side, use a high backdoor screen and unleash your leaping guard toward the basket for an easy scoring opportunity WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY Move a shooter into the corner and a forward into prime post-up position on the left side to place defensive focus away from the backside of the court.... MORE

Ball Movement Rules Heath Drill

in Basketball drills and skills, Passing drills

Based on the children’s game of tag, ball handlers pass to teammates in an effort to tag the opposition stationed inside the 3-point line WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL Keep players engaged with a drill that is fun, competitive, teaches spatial awareness and forces quick thinking from all players involved. SET UP The 3-point... MORE

Create Space With Baseline Run

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Passing drills

A fake pass followed by running the baseline opens space for a long baseball pass leading into a quick look at a guard coming off a screen. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY Having to go 94 feet in just a couple seconds limits your options. Increase the percentage of completing a long baseball pass by... MORE

Passing Line Sequences

in Basketball drills and skills, Passing drills

Start with basic passing motions then build by adding sprinting and defending into this basketball drill to improve an underdeveloped skill set. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL Don’t expect players to fire crisp passes until they have the basics driven home repeatedly in practice. SET UP Position one group of players to the left... MORE

Cycles Drill Fuels Fast Basketball Break

in Basketball drills and skills, Dribbling drills, Offense drills, Passing drills, Shooting drills

It’s a race against the clock to complete five full-court trips with specific basketball passing, dribbling and shooting assignments – master this and watch your fast-break offense take off WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL OFFENSE DRILL To play fast in a game, you need to play even faster in practice. Cycles allows everyone to get their hands on the ball... MORE

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