Passing drills

These basketball passing drills give you a huge selection of activities to choose from to improve your team’s passing. From basics like how to throw the ball and how to catch it through to more advanced training sessions on passing patterns and quickness, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a basketball drill to run at practice tonight or planning your practices for the rest of the season you’ll find everything you need right here at Basketball Coach Weekly.

Install Punishment For Inaccurate Pass

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The updated Weave Drill continues through its final phases but if a player launches an errant pass, then make the entire team face the consequences WHY USE IT Instead of singling out a player who makes a mistake, punish the entire team when the Weave Drill goes wrong. This keeps players encouraging each other throughout the drill’s course. SET UP This is... MORE

Revamped Weave Forces Hustle, Accuracy

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When the updated Weave Drill is executed properly, expect players to push themselves for success rather than go through the motions WHY USE IT Don’t ditch the Weave Drill — change it and reap the rewards. SET UP A player is under the hoop with a ball. A teammate is positioned in front of the hash mark on each sideline. Set up... MORE

4-Ball Pivot, Fake & Pass

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It takes a focused mind and perfect execution when having four players dribbling toward the same point, ball faking and passing WHY USE IT Work on forward pivots, reverse pivots and ball fakes all while challenging players to pass and receive within a split-second of each other to develop better timing, coordination and focus. SET UP Set up four lines of players in... MORE

Box Passing Progression

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Use a ball fake before every pass and have players progress from a typical chest pass to an overhead, bounce, hook and even add in V-cuts WHY USE IT Passing drills need focus, otherwise players toss soft passes rather than using game-like actions. SET UP Position four players in a box formation. The player with the ball (1) is in the... MORE

‘Big Space’ Drill Sharpens Long Passes

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Long passes are a necessity when your offense is spaced wide, ensure these passes are crisp and sharp, and don’t result in turnovers WHY USE IT Navigating large spaces on the floor requires long passes. But, with the ball in the air for that amount of time, the defense has a better opportunity to create turnovers. This drill provides the necessary repetitions for players... MORE

Backscreen Sets Up Low-Post Score

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Run your best post player off a couple screens to free the interior for an easy scoring opportunity WHY USE IT This play places your best post-scoring threat deep on the block where the defense doesn’t have much of a chance to stop him or her. SET UP The ball is inbounded on the right side. Position your best post player near... MORE

Elbow Pass, Slip Screen & Score

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Work the ball around the perimeter, preach unselfishness and watch this play culminate in a perfect slip screen and score at the basket WHY USE IT Teams tend to overplay the perimeter when the initial action is in that area – take advantage by slipping a weak-side screen and create an easy scoring opportunity. SET UP The ball is on the... MORE

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