Passing drills

These basketball passing drills give you a huge selection of activities to choose from to improve your team’s passing. From basics like how to throw the ball and how to catch it through to more advanced training sessions on passing patterns and quickness, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a basketball drill to run at practice tonight or planning your practices for the rest of the season you’ll find everything you need right here at Basketball Coach Weekly.

Post player skill development session

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Run multiple cutters to the same general area, which provides you an offensive advantage and makes match-up zones struggle in their quest to defend you. Why use this shooting drill Today’s post players need to be adept at coming high into sets, handling the ball and passing to teammates. This drill covers those basics and... MORE

Develop Smarter Passers

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The 4-on-3 ‘Tight Corners Drill’ encourages smarter, faster passing as the offense attempts to use its numbers advantage to beat the defense. WHY USE IT Improve passing with high energy drills utilizing defenders. SET UP Each team has at least four players although only three at a time play on defense. The offensive four players... MORE

Perimeter Passing Sets Up Post

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Get your big man into the action by reversing the ball, clearing space and setting up an isolation on the block WHY USE IT A lot of the focus in the 4-Out Motion is on the perimeter players but reward your post for all his or her hard work by an opportunity to go 1-on-1... MORE

Near-Side Screen Sets Up Rim Lob

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Run fake action coming toward the sideline inbound to create space and set up a backdoor lob at the rim for a game-winning shot WHY USE IT Run fake action coming toward the sideline inbound to create space and set up a backdoor lob at the rim for a game-winning shot SET UP Position two... MORE

Practice Perfect Passing To Increase Scoring

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The best basketball practices I’ve attended always feature a lengthy segment dedicated to passing. Passing moves quickly. Passing pushes the tempo. Passing has a gracefulness to it. Sure, dribbling is critical to success but those drills typically feature one player pounding the ball. And, you can’t score if you don’t shoot well, but, again, even the most fluid shooting drills can be derailed by... MORE

Warm Up With The 4 Corner Drill

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Ditch stationary passing and get players on the move by having them pass, cut, catch and pass again to keep the action moving WHY USE IT Use this drill at the start of practice to get players hustling, moving and ready for the energy you expect rather than simply soft tossing passes back and forth. SET UP Use half the court... MORE

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