Basketball Passing Drills

These basketball passing drills give you a huge selection of activities to choose from to improve your team’s passing. From basics like how to throw the ball and how to catch it through to more advanced training sessions on passing patterns and quickness, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a basketball drill to run at practice tonight or planning your practices for the rest of the season you’ll find everything you need right here at Basketball Coach Weekly.

Practice Perfect Passing To Increase Scoring

The best basketball practices I’ve attended always feature a lengthy segment dedicated to passing. Passing moves quickly. Passing pushes the tempo. Passing has a gracefulness to it. Sure, dribbling is critical to success but those drills typically feature one player pounding the ball. And, you can’t score if you don’t shoot well, but, again, even the most fluid shooting drills can be derailed by […]

Tight Spaces, Clean Passes

Using the volleyball lines on your gym floor, players are in condensed areas in which to run, cut, pass and catch providing the defense with an advantage WHY USE IT Beating pressure comes down to smart decision making, fast cuts and accurate passes. Drill all these skills in this 2-on-2 workout. SET UP Use the volleyball lines and boxes on […]

Warm Up With The 4 Corner Drill

Ditch stationary passing and get players on the move by having them pass, cut, catch and pass again to keep the action moving WHY USE IT Use this drill at the start of practice to get players hustling, moving and ready for the energy you expect rather than simply soft tossing passes back and forth. SET UP Use half the court […]

Install Punishment For Inaccurate Pass

The updated Weave Drill continues through its final phases but if a player launches an errant pass, then make the entire team face the consequences WHY USE IT Instead of singling out a player who makes a mistake, punish the entire team when the Weave Drill goes wrong. This keeps players encouraging each other throughout the drill’s course. SET UP This is […]

4-Ball Pivot, Fake & Pass

It takes a focused mind and perfect execution when having four players dribbling toward the same point, ball faking and passing WHY USE IT Work on forward pivots, reverse pivots and ball fakes all while challenging players to pass and receive within a split-second of each other to develop better timing, coordination and focus. SET UP Set up four lines of players in […]

Box Passing Progression

Use a ball fake before every pass and have players progress from a typical chest pass to an overhead, bounce, hook and even add in V-cuts WHY USE IT Passing drills need focus, otherwise players toss soft passes rather than using game-like actions. SET UP Position four players in a box formation. The player with the ball (1) is in the […]