Make proper passes and focus on scoring

From Kelly Graves, the head women’s coach at the University of Oregon

You don’t want to be the one who misses in this drill focusing upon dribble penetration, proper cuts to the hoop, passing to a cutter and scoring on the move.

Why use it

It seems so easy – deliver a sharp pass in stride to a cutting player moving toward the hoop. But, when you get in a game, it doesn’t seem as simple. ThiS drill forces players to make proper passes and focus on scoring.

Set up

Have a line of players with basketballs at mid-court with a line to the right side of the floor. Place a cone just inside the 3-point line at the freethrow- line-extended area. This serves as the place where the cutter moves toward the hoop.

How to play

The ball handler dribbles into the middle of the floor. The player on the right runs hard toward the cones, then cuts at about a 45-degree angle toward the hoop. The ball handler delivers a pass in stride [1]. On the catch, the receiver scores the layup. The original ball handler circles through the lane and toward the right side of the floor [2]. After scoring the layup, the shooter grabs the ball out of the net and sprints to the ballhandling line. The original ball handler ends at the back of the scoring line. The drill continues with the next pair [3].


The pressure comes from delivering good passes and making layups at the rim. Decide on a number of layups in a row you want made before the drill ends. Miss a layup and go back to zero. If you see a lack of effort, go back to zero.

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