Develop Smarter Passers

The 4-on-3 ‘Tight Corners Drill’ encourages smarter, faster passing as the offense attempts to use its numbers advantage to beat the defense.

Improve passing with high energy drills utilizing defenders.

Each team has at least four players although only three at a time play on defense. The offensive four players are positioned at opposite elbows and opposite blocks. Offensive players are not allowed to move their feet.

The offense attempts to complete passes around or across the square without the aid of a dribble. [1] Use ball fakes to move defenders out of position. Here, the ball handler fakes to the sameside block to move the low defender, then fires a diagonal pass to the other side [2]. The three defenders can’t cover all four offensive players, so be smart in anticipating who is open [3]. If a pass is deflected, stolen or thrown away, the teams switch with the defense adding its player from the sideline and moving into the offensive positions. Also, if the offense completes 10 passes in a row, the teams switch. First team to complete 50 passes wins.

Players are not allowed to turn their backs to the pressure or place the ball over their heads. You want them focusing on rip-throughs, pivoting and using the body.

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