‘Big Space’ Drill Sharpens Long Passes

Long passes are a necessity when your offense is spaced wide, ensure these passes are crisp and sharp, and don’t result in turnovers.


Navigating large spaces on the floor requires long passes. But, with the ball in the air for that amount
of time, the defense has a better opportunity to create turnovers. This drill provides the necessary repetitions for players to understand how to throw these passes in a game.


Place one player in the left corner and another on the left wing. A player with a ball is on the right wing with a line of players holding basketballs behind him or her.


The player with the ball spins it in front, steps to the ball, grabs it and makes a rip pivot [1]. The ball handler then fires a cross-court pass to the left wing, who sends a hard, crisp pass to the corner. The corner player takes the shot in rhythm [2]. The initial player with the ball moves to the left wing. The left wing moves to the corner and the shooter gathers the ball, then heads to the end of the line [3].


Players must use their feet and legs to create velocity on the pass. Plus, the drill drives home the idea how players can use a lot of space on the floor.

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