Outlet, Weave & Jump Shot

Complete the Starter Drill by focusing on outlet passing, hitting cutters in stride, finishing at the rim and knocking down pull-up jumpers.

The completion of the Starter Drill works on player conditioning, as well as making accurate passes and converting layups when fatigued.

These are the final stages of the same drill, so when the bounce-pass portion from page 4 is complete, the people with the basketballs in their hands stay near the basket while the partners move to the half-court area.

The player with the ball throws it off the backboard, catches it and pivots. He/she then passes to the partner at half-court. The passer now sprints to the other end of the floor. The new ball handler dribbles into the front court, comes to a jump stop and makes a leading bounce pass so the sprinter catches the ball and scores the layup. The players change spots and go in the opposite direction once everyone else is done [diagram 1].

Now, the players do a three-man weave finishing with a layup. If a bad pass is made, that group starts over [diagram 2].

The final part of the drill is a three-man weave ending with a jump shot [diagram 3].

If the jump shot is missed in the final segment, one of the other two players must grab the rebound before it hits the ground, then score it. If the ball hits the ground or they miss the putback, they all go back and start over.

    1. Throw the ball off the backboard, grab the rebound and start the actions by pivoting and making an accurate outlet pass to the player in the middle
    2. This is a leading bounce pass so the player catches the ball in stride and scores the layup without dribbling

    3. For the three-man weave, make a pass and run behind it, circling around in position to catch a subsequent pass
    4. The final player must make the layup or all players return to the start and run through the motions again

    5. The pressure is on the shooter as if he/she misses, it’s up to one of the other two players to gather the rebound before it hits the floor

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