‘Take It’ Teaches Toughness

From Basketball Coach Weekly

Post players get used to aggressively taking the ball away from an opponent, getting in proper position and scoring against contact in this competitive drill.

Why use it

Post players always aren’t going to receive a perfect entry pass on the block. The game requires them to track down the ball, take it and score in traffic.

Set up

A coach with a ball is standing up the lane line. Have someone under the hoop with a pad. The post player is near the block.

The other competing post player is waiting his or her turn with a ball near the baseline.

How to play

The drill starts with the post player running toward the coach and aggressively takes the ball from him or her.

The coach does fight this and doesn’t allow for an easy exchange [1].

The post now establishes position near the block with a low backside and uses a post move to score against the player with the pad, who initiates contact [2].

The player scores at the hoop, grabs the ball, passes back to the coach and now moves to take the ball from the waiting post player on the baseline, going through the same motions to score [3].


If the player misses a layup, he or she rebounds and tries to score again before taking the next ball. Miss two layups in a row and the score resets.

Start the clock when the post player makes the first move to take the ball. Stop the clock when the player makes a predetermined number of layups. Then, post players switch spots.

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