Sharpen full-court-transition-offense skills

From Bert DeSalvo, former Division I and II men’s assistant & Division III women’s head coach

Sharpen full-court passing, timing, a touch at the rim and conditioning in this fast-paced drill requiring focus, speed and hustle.

Why use it

Sometimes you just need your team to get running during a practice. This drill forces players to sprint while also working on several basketball skills at the same time.

Set up

Form three lines with the ball in the hands of the person in the middle. Be sure the players on the wings are spaced out to the 3-point line and aren’t cheating closer to the middle.

How to play

2 passes to 1. 1 takes one dribble (two if needed) as 3 sprints the floor on the opposite side. 1 passes the ball with touch on it to the elbow and leads 3 to the rim. 3 gathers the ball and lays it up without a dribble. 2 sprints the floor and grabs the ball out of the rim before it hits the floor [1]. For the next phase, 2 passes to 3 as 3 steps onto the court. 3 passes back to 2 (no dribble). 1 times his or her run, then starts up the floor. 2 passes to 1 [2]. 3 is sprinting the floor after the pass. 1 passes the ball up the floor with touch to the elbow and leads 3 to the rim. 3 gathers the ball and lays it in without using a dribble. 2 sprints and grabs the ball out of the net before it hits the ground [3].


Each three-man group rotates one spot to the right so they all have an opportunity to run each segment of the two-pass portion before you advance to the three-pass portion.

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