See a zone: Run these actions

Zones are meant to confuse offenses, so be sure your players know exactly what to run as soon as the opposition changes course and moves from man to zone.


Why use it

When a team quickly throws a zone at you, it’s best to have a set offense to run so you players don’t become confused and you lose a possession.

Set up

When facing a typical even-front zone, start with the ball on one side (in this case, it’s the right). Have a player in the ball-side corner and one on the block. Place another on the opposite block and someone at the top.

See a zone Run these actions

How to play

1 starts with dribble penetration to draw defensive attention, then kicks a pass to 3 in the corner.
1 circles back to the perimeter and receives a pass back from 3.
1 continues the ball reversal with a pass to 2.
4 pops to the left-side wing and receives a pass from 2 [1].
3 runs the baseline and 4 passes to 3 in the left corner.
4 now cuts into the lane and screens the middle defender to free 5 coming to the ballside block.
1 cuts to the high post then to the left wing [2].
3 passes to 1.
1 looks at 5 to see if 5 has post-up position.
If not, the ball is reversed again from 1 to 2 to 4 [3].


The threat of the handoff draws a lot of defensive attention because it’s hard for the opposition to know who has the ball when 4 and 2 come together.

Have 4 hold and hide the ball on his or her left hip.


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