Score On The Move

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Get players continuous reps of running in one direction, then cutting toward the hoop, catching a leading pass and scoring at the rim without putting the ball on the floor.


Why use it


Players need to get into the routine of scoring without constantly dribbling as they are on the move. Catching a pass and taking a step or two should be plenty to score a layup when making a proper cut toward the hoop. Use this drill to reinforce those skills.


Set up


Players are holding basketballs and lined up under the hoop on the left side of the baseline. Place a coach on the left wing and another closer to mid-court. There is a cone on the opposite side of the circle near mid-court.

Score On The Move

How to play


The first player in line passes to the coach on the wing, then sprints toward mid-court to circle around the cone and move back toward the hoop.

The coach catches the pass and passes to the coach closer to mid-court [1].


As the player sprints toward the basket, the coach fires a leading pass.

The next player in line begins the progression by passing to the coach on the wing [2].


1 doesn’t use the dribble and scores the layup, then grabs the ball and gets back in line.

2 is running toward the cone and the drill continues [3].




This is a quick-moving drill. There is no half-jogging to the cone. Keep track of made layups and work toward a goal of making a certain number in a row. Reset back to zero if a player misses or puts the ball on the floor.

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