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Hard Hedge Forces Retreat

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Move the point guard in the opposite direction of the offense to disrupt the opposition’s timing and cohesion while still covering rolling screener WHY USE IT Once again, the goal is to keep the offense from running what it wants, as well as forcing the point guard to make a non-attacking pass. SET UP This... MORE

Blitz & Attack The Point Guard

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Perfect for teams already committed to trapping in the full- or half-court setting, blitzing the ball screen means running a hard double at the point guard WHY USE IT Offenses rely up on their point guards to make things happen. By blitzing the offense’s ball-screen action, the point guard is forced to get rid of... MORE

New Zealand Creates Mismatches

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New Zealand ran this sideline play against the U.S. in the FIBA World Cup to create a post mismatch against a guard WHY USE IT If the opposition switches on screens, use this play to create a mismatch down low and a high percentage scoring opportunity for a post player on a smaller guard. SET UP A forward (4) is at... MORE

Disadvantage Drill Tests Offense

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Playing 3-on-4 and needing to move the ball to mid-court, the offense must make quick  decisions to avoid traps and constant pressure WHY USE IT Sometimes a team’s defense is so good it seems like they have an extra player on the floor. Simulate that by having the defense play with an extra person. SET UP The offense has... MORE

Pass To Middle, Open The Floor

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Pressure defenses prey on ball handlers trapped near the sidelines, have a player flash from the front court to the middle and create several scoring options WHY USE IT This press breaker works best against a zone full- or threequarter- court defense as the flashing player finds a gap in the floor’s middle. SET UP Maximize your best ball handlers by... MORE

Crash The Boards

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Determine if you want to send four, three or two players to the offensive glass then show players how this affects transition defense WHY USE IT Establish the best offensive rebounding plan for the makeup on your team rather than simply allowing players to crash the boards or drop back as they see fit. SET UP Have two players near opposite blocks,... MORE

Create Second Chances

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Offensive rebounding comes down to a relentless mindset – use specific practice drills to hammer home this point WHY USE IT Offensive rebounds set up second scoring opportunities and demoralize a defense. SET UP There are three drills listed with the first two featuring two offensive and defensive rebounders with one coach shooting. Add a second coach for the third drill. HOW TO... MORE

‘Forty-Four’ Extends The Defense

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The offense has an initial, marked advantage and it’s up to the defenders to slow the attack and even the odds WHY USE IT Offenses are taught to attack in transition when having the numbers. Teach your defenders never to give up on a play and if they hustle, there is a chance to stop an offense’s momentum and limit scoring. SET UP... MORE

Point Guard Starts Action, Finishes With Jumper

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Have your point guard pass and cut to the same side, then flash to the opposite short corner as the perimeter players reverse the ball creating an open jump-shot opportunity WHY USE IT When the point guard moves low into a set, zone defenses tend to forget about him or her – that hesitation creates space, which becomes compounded when running that... MORE

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