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4v4 trap drill to ramp up intensity

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Defenders trap on every pass as the offense attempts to find the open player before the drill spreads into a 4-on-4 full-court game with required trapping. Why use this drill? Ramp up the intensity with this passing and trapping drill, which turns into a full-court workout. Setting up this drill is easy Spread four offensive... MORE

Transition Post Pop & Screener Action

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Use your trailing big man to set a high ball screen, which eventually leads to a pass back and your center flashing high or the point curling off a low screen. WHY USE IT As defenses scramble back in transition, a high ball screen opens multiple scoring options, which includes the point guard coming off... MORE

Different 2-Man Game Nets Jumper

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Your big man sets a pair of screens for the same player to set up an open mid-range jumper coming off an underneath inbound play. WHY USE IT This is a play run by many college teams this year. The term “two-man game” usually means pick-and-roll, but here it describes how one player sets two... MORE

Deep Ball Screen Opens The Middle

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The 4-Out Motion only works when the players are constantly moving, screening and clearing space — all of which happens in this set of actions. WHY USE IT The 4-Out Motion is about much more than play on the perimeter. It’s about spacing and creating attacking opportunities at the rim. SET UP The ball is... MORE

Hard Hedge Forces Retreat

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Move the point guard in the opposite direction of the offense to disrupt the opposition’s timing and cohesion while still covering rolling screener WHY USE IT Once again, the goal is to keep the offense from running what it wants, as well as forcing the point guard to make a non-attacking pass. SET UP This... MORE

Blitz & Attack The Point Guard

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Perfect for teams already committed to trapping in the full- or half-court setting, blitzing the ball screen means running a hard double at the point guard WHY USE IT Offenses rely up on their point guards to make things happen. By blitzing the offense’s ball-screen action, the point guard is forced to get rid of... MORE


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