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Thumb Out

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Utilize a trailing post player as a passer and screener to lead to an in-close scoring opportunity the defense isn’t expecting WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY While a trailing post player keeps one of your bigs away from the hoop, it also removes a larger defender from under the basket as well. If you have... MORE

Michigan State

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A handoff pass and plenty of off-the-ball action opens multiple scoring opportunities to keep defenses at bay WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING PLAY The 1-4 High opens the half of the court closest to the basket for attack. This play sends multiple players toward the basket in an effort to score an easy bucket. SET... MORE

Drop 2/3

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Encourage hard cuts from players in both corners to create backdoor options on either side of the court WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRIBBLING PLAY Defenses aren’t expecting an immediate backdoor cut. By utilizing a dribble entry at the player you want to cut, it forces the defense to make a quick decision. SET UP Place... MORE

4 Out

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WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL OFFENSE PLAY 1-4 sets look balanced so when the focus moves to one side of the court due to passes and player movements, it leaves the opposite side wide open for attack. SET UP Place your forwards/centers at the elbows and your guards/small forwards on the wings in this 1-4 high... MORE

2 America

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1-4 sets are popular today – this play utilizes a key deep double screen to create a layup opportunity as the defense attempts to recover WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL LAYUP DRILL Effective plays always yield at least a couple of options so the team isn’t left hanging if the main goal is stymied by the... MORE

1-4 Across

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Ball reversal and pick-and-roll action create multiple scoring opportunities for teams wanting to keep the defense guessing throughout the game WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING DRILL Effective plays always yield at least a couple of options so the team isn’t left hanging if the main goal is stymied by the defense. SET UP The ball starts on the wing... MORE

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