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Penetrate & Kick for an Open Shot

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The second of Luke Hancock’s four straight first-half 3-pointers sliced Louisville’s deficit to seven and came off a play that all teams can run WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING PLAY This play draws the defense below the 3-point line and creates an opening for the best shooter to emerge from the corner for a long-range shot from the wing. SET UP... MORE

1-4 Quadruple Option

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A ball screen and an off-the-ball double screen open up four legitimate scoring options when your squad needs a basket WHY USE THIS OFFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAY A point guard who handles the ball well has the opportunity to drive to the hoop, shoot a jumper, pass to a cutter going toward the hoop or fire a cross-court pass for an open 3-point... MORE

Animal Drill – Offense

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This offensive basketball drill starts with hustle, ends with attacking a retreating defense… and even sprinkles in some math problem-solving WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRILL Many basketball transition drills feature a set offensive and defensive team. In this case, the players determine which side gets the opportunity to score based on initial hustle. SET UP Station yourself at one end of the... MORE

7-on-5 Basketball Press Drill

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Full-court pressure destroys teams not ready for it – create more intensity by adding extra defenders in practice so offensive players get used to scrambling WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PRESSING DRILL If a team consistently can move the ball up the floor against seven defenders in practice, then facing “just” five in a game should lessen the impact of the defensive pressure.... MORE

Basketball Break After Free Throws

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Teams playing fast must transition quickly in all situations, including after a free throw – get moving with this fast break WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL TRANSITION PLAY Fast-break teams need to push the ball in all situations, even after a free throw. Use this opportunity to catch the opposition off balance. SET UP Avoid forced passes during the center fast break.... MORE

Ball Screen and Flare

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When your team needs a big-time, end-of-game basket, run high screening action on the perimeter to free your best shooter for a left-wing 3-pointer WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER PLAY At the end of games, it’s too easy for the defense to suffocate a dribbling shooter – use perimeter screens to create open shooting lanes. SET UP The player you want... MORE

Clear-Out Corner 3

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The Miami Heat shift most of the action to the right side of the floor to allow Ray Allen an opening in the left corner for a 3-pointer WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER PLAY A perfectly executed sideline out-of-bounds play opens an area for a shooter to receive a good look at a 3-pointer. SET UP The player you want... MORE

Two Blade Options To Create Easy Basketball Scoring Opportunities

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After the defense sees the Blade a few times, work in some wrinkles to take advantage of the open lanes created for easy basketball scoring opportunities WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SCORING PLAY If the defense knows what’s coming, it’s easier to stop. By adding a couple of easy movements off the base offense, the defense remains on its heels and your... MORE

Slice the Defense

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The Blade Offense’s concepts are easy enough for a youth squad to grasp but can be adjusted to meet the advanced needs of a varsity high school team WHY USE THIS OFFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAY The Blade Offense is the perfect balance between having too much structure, which forces players into acting like robots, and not enough structure, which leads to chaos on... MORE

1-5 Post Passing

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Most post defenders don’t run the court well in transition. If your offensive posts understand this and exploit it, then easy baskets are sure to come WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL When post players run the length of the floor on offense, they are rewarded. Drive this point home through repetition and having posts used to sprinting on offense. This... MORE

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