Open the corner for an uncontested shot

Draw the opposite-corner defender into the lane with a dribble drive, then have a curling wing player screen that defender to allow for an uncontested shot.

Why use this play

  • Duke makes 3-point shooting look easy because of the movements used to create open shots. Here, the opposite corner becomes wide open after an inside screen on a help defender.

Set up

  • The point guard is dribbling on the left side of the court with a post at the ball-side elbow.
  • Your shooter is in the opposite corner.

How to play

  • 5 comes high and sets a ball screen for 1.
  • 1 uses the screen to dribble free toward the middle of the lane.
  • 3 breaks from the left wing to the right block as the ball screen is being set [1].
  • The drive by 1 pulls 4’s defender into the lane where 3 screens him or her. 1 passes to 4 who is open in the corner [2].
  • 4 takes the shot as the defense is late to recover.
  • 3 and 5 are in solid rebounding position as 2 circles back to defend if the shot is missed [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this play

Open the corner for an uncontested shot

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • 3 needs to be in position near the right block as 1 drives, so 3 doesn’t try to set the screen too late.
  • Once 1 drives, defensive attention comes back to the middle from the left side of the floor, making it easier to guard 4 if 3 doesn’t set the screen.
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