Hard Hedge Forces Retreat

Move the point guard in the opposite direction of the offense to disrupt the opposition’s timing and cohesion while still covering rolling screener

Once again, the goal is to keep the offense from running what it wants, as well as forcing the point guard to make a non-attacking pass.

This set of diagrams shows the ball starting on the right wing with a center at the top of the set.

The screener comes to the wing and sets the ball screen. X5 aggressively slides up and forces the ball handler into a retreat dribble toward midcourt. X1 fights over to recover [1]. Once X1 has recovered to the ball handler, X5 recovers back with high hands toward the screener [2]. When the screener rolls all the way to the hoop and X5 doesn’t have time to recover fully, X4 steps out and cuts off the rolling screener. X1 aggressively pressures the point guard to keep the offense out of rhythm. [3].

Your scouting reports come in handy here. If you know the screener rolls hard to the hoop every time, then X4 knows to step to him right away. If the screener flares to the wing or remains on the perimeter, X5 has time to recover to him with high hands.

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