Different 2-Man Game Nets Jumper

Your big man sets a pair of screens for the same player to set up an open mid-range jumper coming off an underneath inbound play.

This is a play run by many college teams this year. The term “two-man game” usually means pick-and-roll, but here it describes how one player sets two screens for the same teammate.

With the ball out of bounds underneath the hoop, align two players on the ballside elbow (5 and 3) with the other two players in opposition corners.

5 takes a step high and screens for 3. 3 moves toward the opposite block. 5 rolls off the screen and receives the inbound pass from 1 [1]. 5 dribbles toward 2, who moves high from the corner and receives either a handoff or short pass from 5. 1 steps into play and screens for 3, who moves toward the ball-side block [2]. Here is where 5 sets the second screen for 3. After the handoff, 5 moves lows and screens for 3. 2 dribbles toward the top, stops and fires a pass back to the left. 3 catches the pass and shoots in rhythm [3].

Different 2-Man Game Nets Jumper

Quick hitters such as this one rely upon a lot of screens. Practice executing how you want your players to screen and make sure they don’t leave the screen too early.

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