Cut, Catch & Score At The Rim

The first 3 daily breakdown drills focus on making a proper cut, being in a position to receive a pass on the move and attacking the rim to score the layup.


Breakdown drills are important for players of all ages as they keep athletes sharp when it comes to fundamentals.


Players work in a tandem with one serving as the passer and the other as the scorer. Place a cone near the top of the key for the first drill and move it back to the free-throw line for the second one.


Pass to the partner, sell the opposite fake, use a swim arm move, make a basket cut, receive the return pass and finish at the rim [1]. For the next drill, the shooter is on the left wing and toward the cone and cuts backdoor just prior to reaching the cone. The partner fires the backdoor pass leading the shooter into an easy layup [2]. This time, the shooter cuts to the middle of the floor, pops to the 3-point line, catches a pass on a jump stop, squares up, takes a jab step opposite then cross-steps into a dribble and finishes at the rim [3].


Only allow a dribble in the third drill, not the first two. Cuts must be sharp, fast and with purpose. No half-efforts here — make them do it again if not at full speed.

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