Create Mismatch, Instill Confidence

When a player is struggling offensively, create a mismatch in open space and allow him to drive at the hoop.


Simply seeing the ball go through the hoop is key to getting a struggling player going. Use this set for an easy scoring opportunity.


The player you want to score is on the right wing with the ball. Have one player on the opposite post.


A pass is made to the top and the intended scorer moves low to screen. The new ball handler dribbles left
as the left wing moves high. The right corner sprints toward the opposite corner [1]. The two players on the
left wing execute a handoff and the new ball handle dribbles right. The scorer pops high and receives a
pass [2]. The scorer passes to the player relocating to the right corner, who is coming off a pair of weak-side screens. That player now dribbles high as the scorer replaces him in the corner. A pass back is made, which leaves the scorer in space with a defensive mismatch. He dribbles at the hoop and scores [3].


The congestion in the right corner forces the defenders to switch. Be sure the weak- side players keep the strong side of the floor clear for the driving scorer.

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