Blitz & Attack The Point Guard

Perfect for teams already committed to trapping in the full- or half-court setting, blitzing the ball screen means running a hard double at the point guard

Offenses rely up on their point guards to make things happen. By blitzing the offense’s ball-screen action, the point guard is forced to get rid of the ball before he or she wants, which throws off the offense’s timing.

In this instance, the ball is on the wing as a screener is positioned high. X1 knows the screen is coming and readies to fight through it.

As the point guard dribbles left, the ball screener starts to come high. Rather than chasing the screener, that player’s defender (X5) moves behind and looks to double the ball handler at the top [1]. The ball handler continues toward the top and is met by X5. X1 has fought through the screen to double-team the point guard. X3 shifts into a passing lane. X4 comes high to pressure the screener. X2 replaces X4 as the rim defender [2]. The point’s only options are to pass to the screener (typically not a creator) or try and force a long pass to the right corner. The defense has cut off all options [3].

Even if the point guard tries to attack the rim before the screen to avoid X5, then X4 is coming high and is waiting.

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