Attack From The Corner

The corner seems like an odd place from which to use a 2-man game but this play exploits the space on the floor for several scoring options.


Shift the areas from which you attack on the floor to keep defenses honest. This play is run from the corner, which makes it difficult to defend as the defense isn’t typically used to seeing an offense run from this area of the court.


1 is dribbling the ball near midcourt on the right side of the floor with 4 near midcourt on the left side. 2 is on the right wing. 5 is on the left block and 3 is stationed in the left corner.


1 starts dribbling toward the corner and 2 steps out to set a ball screen. 4 then comes across and sets a screen for 2. 2 then fades to the left wing as 1 continues dribbling toward the right corner [A]. Once 1 reaches the corner, 4 shifts low to set a ball screen for 1. 1 dribbles off the ball screen and away from the baseline to attack the middle of the floor as 4 rolls to the hoop — this creates two scoring options [B]. Another option is for 4 not to set the screen, and 1 passes to 4, then runs toward 4 for a handoff. 1 then attacks the middle (only higher than the first option) as 4 rolls [C].


1. 1 dribbles toward the corner to set up the offense from this spot on the floor, which is something you don’t generally see
2. 2 screens for 1, then receives a screen from 4 — 2 may be open on the flare to the left wing, especially if the defense starts to anticipate your movements in this play


3. 1 now uses a ball screen from 4 to dribble out of the corner gaining enough space to force the defenders into a decision


4. In this option, 1 passes out to 4 (rather than having 4 set a ball screen), then 1 receives a handoff and attacks the middle from a higher position
5. 4 rolls hard to the hoop and either draws defensive attention away from 1, or is open for a catch-and-score opportunity


Run both options to keep the defense guessing. Be sure 2, 3 and 5 remain on the opposite side of the floor for spacing purposes and to keep their defenders away from the two-man game on the opposite side.

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