No Luck – Just Skill – Needed In ‘Horseshoe’

Players curl toward the ball, catch a pass on the move, square up and shoot in this fast-moving drill designed to get players game shots in rhythm.

Rather than simply throwing passes to players to step into shots, have them work to get open by curling hard to the ball. You want players shooting game-like shots at all times. 

Two basketballs are used. Players line up in two lines on the baseline on opposite sides of the basket. Decide how wide or tight you want the drill to be run. Tighter brings the lines closer to the hoop and creates shorter shots while wider moves players away from the hoop for longer jumpers or even 3-pointers.  

The first player in the left line (1) doesn’t have a ball. 1 curls around the free-throw line and comes toward the ball, which 4 is holding. 4 makes the pass to 1. On the pass, 4 immediately breaks to the outside of 1 and curls to the opposite side of the floor. 1 shoots and follows the shot [diagram 1].

1 passes to 5 in the opposite line from which he or she started, then relocates to the back of that line. 3 passes to 4. 3 curls to the opposite side. 4 shoots and follows [diagram 2].

4 passes to 6, then relocates to that line. 5 passes to 3 for the shot and the drill continues [diagram 3].

Add a competitive element to it by keeping track of how many shots are made in a certain amount of time. Try to beat the score each day.

    1. The first player starts the action by curling hard to the opposite side of the floor, catches a pass and shoots in rhythm
    2. As soon as 4 makes this pass, 4 moves to the outside of 1 and curls to the other side — this keeps the drill moving quickly so players aren’t standing too long

    3. Follow the shot, grab the ball and pass to the next person in the line opposite from where starting, then relocate to the back of that line
    4. Come toward the ball with ready hands so when the pass is made, it’s easy to square up and shoot

    5. As more players go through the actions, the lines start getting shorter so players must hustle so the drill doesn’t slow down

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