Install Punishment For Inaccurate Pass

The updated Weave Drill continues through its final phases but if a player launches an errant pass, then make the entire team face the consequences

Instead of singling out a player who makes a mistake, punish the entire team when the Weave Drill goes wrong. This keeps players encouraging each other throughout the drill’s course.

This is the second phase of the Weave Drill with the same three players moving back toward the original end of the floor.

The player who grabbed the ball out of the net fires a pass to the opposite wing and the drill continues. The wing secures the pass, throws one to the middle and follows to the opposite sideline [1]. The player in the middle keeps the drill moving with a pass to the opposite wing who just has touched the sideline. Then, for the sake of this example, the receiver launches a wild, errant pass [2]. As soon as the ball touches the ground, all players drop (even those waiting on the sideline) and do 10 pushups [3].

It’s not the number of pushups that matters but rather the mental stress of being the player who messed up the drill and cost the team a punishment. The players who were on the floor during the mistake return to the original starting point of the drill and do it again.

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