Get Back Defense Drill

A pure transition-defense drill, players concentrate on sprinting the length of the floor, picking up their defensive responsibility and attempting to stop a fast moving offense.

Players need to feel how hard they must work to stop a prolific full-court offense.

Divide your team into two groups. The team with the ball plays 2-on-2 in the half-court setting with several other team members on this side of the court while the defensive team’s extra members are at the far end of the floor.

Start with a coach passing to Blue as White defends playing 2-on-2 on the half-court [1]. As soon as Blue scores or is stopped, one member of White takes the ball out of bounds and inbounds to the coach at the top of the key. Blue shifts from offense to defense and sprints to the other end of the floor. The coach passes to a second coach at the top of the other key, who passes to an already positioned White player on the wing. White is on offense and attacks the transitioning Blue players [2]. After White’s shot, a member of Blue takes the ball out of bounds and passes to the coach as White retreats on defense [3].

Run this drill for six minutes and keep track of points for each team. Have the losing team complete a punishment dependent upon the margin of defeat.

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