‘Fist’ Punches Defense Where It’s Weak

A handoff at the top with a ball screener coming high leads to a perfect pick-and-roll opportunity as your shooters move free for possible 3-pointers in opposite corners.

The 4-Out Man Motion is a fantastic perimeter-based offense but if you run the same actions over and over, even the best offenses are going to be stymied. Add in quick hitters to keep the defense guessing.

Your point guard is on the right wing with the ball with 2 and 3 on opposite sides of the perimeter between the free-throw line and the corner. 5 is on the ball-side block and 4 is on the opposite wing from 1, which is the typical 4-Out Man Motion look. 

1 dribbles toward the top as 4 comes toward the ball. 5 moves toward the elbow as 2 and 3 relocate closer to the corners [diagram 1].

1 hands off the ball to 4. 4 dribbles right. 5 continues coming high and sets a ball screen for 4. 1 flares to the left wing. After setting the ball screen, 5 rolls to the hoop. 4 has the following options: attack the hoop, hit the roller or fire a pass to 2 or 3 for the shot [diagram 2].

If 3 has a better defensive match-up, run this wrinkle with 4 screening away for 3. 1 dribbles toward 3 and executes a handoff. 5 sets the ball screen for 3. If there is no shot, 4 kicks out and you move into ‘Zag’ [diagram 2].

In diagram 3, 3 now has the same options as 4 did in Diagram 2, but with 2 and 4 in the corners for potential shots as 3 attacks the rim or hits the roller.

    1. 5 comes high as 1 and 4 come together for the handoff — 5 is readying to set a hard ball screen to free 4 for a dribble attack
    2. 2 and 3 relocate to the corners for spacing purposes and to have more room for a potential kick-out pass

    3. 4 looks to attack the rim or hit 5 on the roll — don’t forget about 2 and 3 in the corners as those players’ defenders collapse on the dribble attack

    4. If 3 has a better defensive match-up, run an off-the-ball screen for 3 to come high and get the ball on a handoff from 1
    5. 1 needs to give the 4-for-3 screen time to take place so be sure 1 maintains the dribble for an extra moment before dribbling to the top

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