Fire Up Shots In ‘10 Minutes’

‘10-Minute Shooting’ allows three players to work on rebounding, passing and shooting from around the court all in the span of just 10 minutes.


Time is limited. Work on several skills at once while creating a lot of shots for players so they get into a natural shooting rhythm.


Three players are at each basket. One starts as the rebounder and has the ball. Another is up the lane and serves as the passer. The shooter begins near the cone in the corner. There are cones in each corner, on each wing and at the top.


The rebounder outlets to the passer, who fires a strike to the shooter in the corner to start the action [1]. The shooter remains in the corner for 40 seconds taking as many shots as possible. After 40 seconds, players rotate [2]. On the rotation, the shooter is now the passer, the passer becomes the rebounder and the rebounder moves to the corner to shoot [3].


After each player has shot for 40 seconds from a spot, the action moves to the next cone. Forty seconds times three players times five spots equals 10 minutes. Make it a competition. Have players keep track of how many shots they knock down. And, be sure all passes are sharp and game-like.


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