Drill Passing, Boxing Out & Sprinting

The ‘Combo’ Drill moves players quickly through the full court to shape conditioning as well as catching and shooting on the move, and 1-on-1 rebounding

Open up the floor and push players to knock down shots in rhythm. The drill also incorporates long, accurate passing and boxing out.

Two ball handlers start near the 28-foot marks on opposite sides of the floor. Place a group of players on the opposite 28-foot marks – these players are the passers. Place a defender in the lane at each end.

The initial ball handlers fire a pass up the floor to the line of passers. The player then sprints to the opposite end of the floor and settles into his or her shooting range to receive a pass. The passer makes the pass once in range [1]. On the catch, the initial ball handler shoots while the passer crashes the boards. The defender boxes out the passer [2]. Whoever secures the rebound dribbles up the floor a bit then fires a long pass to the passing line, follows the ball and settles into shooting range at the opposite end as the drill continues. The player who didn’t get the rebound remains as the defender [3].

Keep this drill moving. There is no hesitation from grabbing the rebound to firing the long outlet pass.

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