Dribbling drills

The dribbling drills on this page aim to help you coach your players in beating players with their skill and pace. This is a core skill and we look at the fine details of the techniques required to dribble like the best giving you basketball drills and exercises to help your players become master dribblers.

Cycles Drill Fuels Fast Basketball Break

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It’s a race against the clock to complete five full-court trips with specific basketball passing, dribbling and shooting assignments – master this and watch your fast-break offense take off WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL OFFENSE DRILL To play fast in a game, you need to play even faster in practice. Cycles allows everyone to get their hands on the ball... MORE

Tennis-Ball Dribble

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Substitute a tennis ball for a basketball in this dribbling drill to slow down players and have them focus on the feel of the ball WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRIBBLING DRILL Using a smaller ball allows players to get a better feel for the ball in their hands. Plus, it forces players to slow down and concentrate on dribbling. SET... MORE

2-on-1 Escape Basketball Dribble Drill

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When players can’t handle traps, turnovers quickly follow – use this basketball drill to create small spaces for ball handlers to break the defense WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRIBBLING DRILL This drill provides constant repetition in trying to find the best way to maneuver out of traps, which allows ball handlers opportunities to find the best method for controlling the ball. SET UP... MORE

Drop 2/3

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Encourage hard cuts from players in both corners to create backdoor options on either side of the court WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DRIBBLING PLAY Defenses aren’t expecting an immediate backdoor cut. By utilizing a dribble entry at the player you want to cut, it forces the defense to make a quick decision. SET UP Place... MORE

Teach The Basics First: Basketball Dribbling

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Before players start shooting or even think about passing, the most basic skill to teach them is the proper way to dribble the ball. Repetition of the proper movements is key The Basics of basketball dribbling Begin with a properly inflated ball. Too much air causes the ball to bounce over the player’s head without... MORE

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