Fast-Paced Repetition Drill

A post player flashes to the middle of the floor from the opposite block, catches a pass, rips through and kicks the ball to the opposite wing for a dribble attack.

Why use it

Splitting guards and forwards into skill work at opposite ends of the floor is a good way to maximize practice time. Give posts reps requiring catching the ball, making a move, passing and attacking.

Set up

You are on the left wing with a ball. Have a post player near the ball-side block, another in the opposite short corner and one on the opposite wing.

How to play

The player on the opposite block flashes hard to the middle of the court just below the free-throw line. You pass the ball to the flasher. The receiver catches the ball, gives a quick look at the rim as in a game situation and the first option is to attack the basket. After the look at the basket, the player rips the ball through and kicks a pass to the opposite wing [1]. On the catch, the new ball handler dribbles “down hill” to attack the rim. The passer now moves to the wing to replace the player with the ball. The post who has not touched the ball moves to the opposite short corner [2]. The attacker scores at the rim, grabs the ball out of the net, outlet passes to you and moves to the ball-side block area. Continue through the actions [3].


Be sure players are catching the ball with both thumbs on it for better control on the ripthrough and the pass.

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