‘Chase’ Drills Focus, Speed Dribbling

It’s a game of tag but players must dribble the entire time – see who has the speed and ability to shift direction quickly in this competitive drill.

Drive home the point about purposeful dribbling with the Chase Drill where players must go fast or get knocked out of the game.

In the half-court, one player is in the middle and is "it." Decide how many others players you want to participate and spread them around the court. Every player has a ball. You stand out of bounds.

On your whistle, everyone starts dribbling. The "it" player is trying to chase down a teammate and tag him/her. As that is happening, the other players are dribbling to avoid the tagger [1]. Once a player is tagged, he/she exits the game. The "it" player continues tagging opponents while everyone continues dribbling [2]. Simply end the game when the "it" player tags everyone. Or, if it goes quickly and you want to keep the game going, blow the whistle and allow one player back into the game [3].

Consider ahead of time if you want the "it" player to go after opponents for a certain amount of time (so you’d whistle back in "out" players), or if the contest simply is to tag everyone, then start fresh with a new "it" player.

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