Attack & Make A Move

Teach players how to go strong with the dribble, execute a move and attack the rim for a high-percentage shot, then finish with another dribble move.


Dribbling without purpose simply is bouncing the ball. Players need to practice attacking with the dribble, so when they are in a game they become a more multi- dimensional weapon.


A line of players with basketballs are facing the left-side hoop situated near mid-court with another line facing the opposite direction on the opposite side. A cone is positioned just behind the 3-point line and another is in the open space on the opposite side of the floor (do this on both ends of the court).


The first player in each line dribbles hard at the cone in front of him or her. The player then makes a move (around the back, between the legs, crossover, etc.) at the cone and attacks the basket [1]. Score the power layup, grab the ball out of the net and attack-dribble at the opposite-side cone [2]. Execute another dribble move at this cone and settle into the back of the line as the new first player in line starts his or her movements [3].



If there are certain moves you want players to develop, tell them ahead of time.

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