2-3 Zone to Cover Space in an Instant

Quick passbacks force a 2-3 zone to cover a lot of space in an instant, which pokes holes in the zone and allows you to find openings for jump shots.

Why use it

A quick passback to start your action slightly shifts a defender into a perfect position to be screened. From there, a dribble attack sets up perimeter movements to create an open 3-pointer.

Set up

Start with the ball on the right side again facing a 2-3 zone. 2 and 3 are on opposite wings but 2 is a bit deeper as 2 is on the ball side of the floor. 4 and 5 are on opposite blocks.

How to play

1 passes to 2. 2 quickly passes back 1. 4 flashes to the elbow and screens the top defender guarding the ball. 1 dribbles off the ball screen and attacks the middle of the floor with the dribble [1]. After screening, 4 pops out and receives a pass back from 1, who has drawn the attention of the other top defender [2]. 5 screens the bottom zone defender on the right side. 2 moves toward the corner. 4 passes to 2 for the open shot [3].


1’s dribble attack must get a step or two deep into the zone so both top defenders are scrambling out of position. 5’s screen must be solid because once that defender is out of the picture, no one is available to guard 2 in the corner. 3 could be open on the opposite wing for a 3-pointer as well.

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