Depend On The Rim Runner

The 4-Man Transition Drill relies upon quick, accurate passes and a rim runner who hustles the length of the floor to score on the move with a defender challenging

Teach players the fastest way up the floor is through a series of quick passes (not the dribble). Show players that a hustling rim runner earns high-percentage shots in the flow of a fast break.

Four players are in a line near mid-court with the first person holding a ball. The first two players are going to the rim.

1 speed-dribbles toward the hoop, attacks the rim and shoots the layup. 2 follows closely to grab the ball out of the net. 3 repositions on the opposite wing. 4 runs below the free-throw line then hustles toward mid-court on the opposite side [1]. 2 inbounds to 3 on the wing who immediately fires a pass up the floor to 4. 1 is the rim runner and sprints through the middle of the floor [2]. 1 continues sprinting and looks for a pass from 4. 4 delivers the pass in stride so 1 doesn’t need to dribble before finishing at the rim. 2 and 3 hustle back to the original starting point [3].


Have a defender waiting at the opposite end to make it a tougher entry pass from 4 to 1 while also challenging 1’s layup.

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