Defense drills

Improve your side when they are on the retreat with this section of defensive basketball drills.

Guard The Wing

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The on-ball defender’s goal is to keep the defender in front of him but help defense is available if dribble penetration occurs SET UP The red curved line just inside and mirroring the 3-point line distinguishes the “pack” area. If a defender is not on the ball, then he is inside the pack. The boxed... MORE

1 Vs. 2 Rebounding Drill

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Reward players’ hustle rather than their height in this rebounding drill pitting a single offensive rebounder attempting to get around two defenders boxing out WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL REBOUNDING DRILL Most rebounding drills benefit taller players and don’t reward everyone else for boxing out or pursuing rebounds – this drill does. SET UP You are... MORE

Press, Steal & Score

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Rick Pitino’s Louisville squad runs many varieties of the full-court press – try this one to force the offense into a turnover and an easy score for your team. WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL PLAY Add this to your defensive playbook to force the offense into poor decisions. Louisville used this press early in its... MORE

Closeout Defensive Rebounding

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WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILL The defender boxing out the shooter has the best angle at the flight of the ball so this player needs the ability to close out and box out. SET UP Pair players and have four sets at one basket. One player lines up at the free-throw-line extended area and assumes a ready position by holding hands in... MORE

Get Back Defense Drill

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A pure transition-defense drill, players concentrate on sprinting the length of the floor, picking up their defensive responsibility and attempting to stop a fast moving offense. WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILL Players need to feel how hard they must work to stop a prolific full-court offense. SET UP Divide your team into two groups.... MORE

Ball-Gap-Help Drill

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Make closing out more difficult, and more game-like, by having defenders not knowing where the ball is going until a catch is made WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILL Too often close-out drills revolve around one defender knowing exactly where and to whom to close out. This drill forces players to react quickly. SET UP You stand, with a ball,... MORE

5-Spot Close Out

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Push your defenders by having them cheat, close, get in the gap and sprint to help at five positions on the court WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DEFENSE DRILL Players need a better understanding of the proper way to close out on perimeter players while learning how to disrupt the offense after the initial defensive responsibility. SET UP Position five offensive players spread... MORE

Deny Drill – Basketball Defense

in Defense drills, Passing drills

The defender has a singular mindset… stop the pass being made to the wing at all costs by overplaying and denying WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL Defenders need to understand the movements and hustle required to deny an entry pass, thereby throwing the offense off its rhythm. SET UP Station yourself at the top of the key with a ball.... MORE

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