Defense drills

Improve your side when they are on the retreat with this section of defensive basketball drills.

Ball-Gap-Help Drill

in Basketball drills and skills, Defense drills

Make closing out more difficult, and more game-like, by having defenders not knowing where the ball is going until a catch is made WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILL Too often close-out drills revolve around one defender knowing exactly where and to whom to close out. This drill forces players to react quickly. SET UP You stand, with a ball,... MORE

5-Spot Close Out

in Basketball drills and skills, Defense drills

Push your defenders by having them cheat, close, get in the gap and sprint to help at five positions on the court WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DEFENSE DRILL Players need a better understanding of the proper way to close out on perimeter players while learning how to disrupt the offense after the initial defensive responsibility. SET UP Position five offensive players spread... MORE

Deny Drill – Basketball Defense

in Defense drills, Passing drills

The defender has a singular mindset… stop the pass being made to the wing at all costs by overplaying and denying WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PASSING DRILL Defenders need to understand the movements and hustle required to deny an entry pass, thereby throwing the offense off its rhythm. SET UP Station yourself at the top of the key with a ball.... MORE

7-on-5 Basketball Press Drill

in Basketball drills and skills, Defense drills, Offense drills

Full-court pressure destroys teams not ready for it – create more intensity by adding extra defenders in practice so offensive players get used to scrambling WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PRESSING DRILL If a team consistently can move the ball up the floor against seven defenders in practice, then facing “just” five in a game should lessen the impact of the defensive pressure.... MORE

Basketball Defense: 6-on-4 Shell Drill

in Basketball drills and skills, Defense drills

Based on Tom Izzo’s method on teaching basketball defense, this drill forces players to work as a cohesive unit to stop dribble penetration and subsequent passes WHY USE THIS DEFENSIVE BASKETBALL DRILL Playing great defense comes down to footwork, hustle, communication, rotations and stopping the ball. This drill, which is a staple in what Tom Izzo does defensively at Michigan State, covers... MORE

Stop Ball Reversal Passes

in Defense drills

WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL DEFENSE DRILL Defenses always have a hard time stopping ball reversal passes that turn into a backdoor lob. The initial action suggests your team is setting up a low-post opportunity but the real goal is to attack the opposite side of the rim. SET UP This play initially looks like something... MORE


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